Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fruit Mani!

I love Japanese nail art! And since I have not gotten a mani in forever, I decided to do one myself! (A Japanese mani at my area range from $50-$80 or even more!) So I started browsing on the web for some ideas, then I came across this design.
This design was created by a company call Yukiumi. The designs are done on artifical nail tips. If you look them up, you will see that they have a ton of beautiful design, (complicated ones!) which this I found the easiest for me to do since I have the decals at home. After an hour something, this is what I came up with:

 To acheive this look, I used Essie Tea & Cumpets as base, and Kleancolor White for the tip, and 3D Fruit Polymer Clay Nail Decal all over my nails. Isn't it such yummy nail design?

What other design will you create with 3D Fruit Polymer Clay Nail Decal? :)

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  1. I actually really love this manicure (: It's beautiful & very true to the picture you showed previously.